A week of grey hairs.

The past week as been all up in the air, with my presentation being due for Thursday, a copy of my pre-proposal form, as well as completing the 2 week being ‘Being Human’ its fair to say it caused a few grey hairs. now that the week is over, presentation is done, pre-proposal form and CP3 idea shared and verified and today being the hand in for the ‘Being human’ its nice to sit down for a few minutes and just catch my breath, as well as pluck them grey hairs out!

The presentation went well although I somewhat feel as if I misinterpreted the brief a little and linked it to my CP3 which apparently it wasn’t, more like a slideshow and presentation on what I’ve been doing over the summer to which 3 slides were allocated to that and the rest babbling on about my interests and inspirations for CP3, oops…

The CP3 pre-proposal form was met with interest from Ian and I was fed back some more leads to support my Essay or as its otherwise known ‘Critical analysis’. he gave me the name of Hanz Dehlinger, a mathematician that created algorithms to create a piece of art somewhat a few years back, this could be a great starting point for the essay and could help me link it to the art industry as a whole.

And Last but not least the ‘Being Human’ brief, admittedly this was supposed to be an ongoing brief for 2 weeks weaving in and out of CP3 and presentation but only got round to doing it last week. However this forced me to do some outside of the box thinking, creating a piece that was minimal and impactful and choosing an art style that wasn’t time consuming but looked professional. 42981046_308801256574614_3038654353641570304_n.jpg

The finished piece I am happy with, the style of the painting was quick and efficient, mimicking that of watercolour which was quite simple to do once I got into a rhythm. all in all I’m happy with the outcome, lets hope the tutors are too!

Its the first time in the month that I’ve been back for now where I feel up-to-date and ready to tackle the next projects with no past research or prep dragging me down, after the pin up today at 2.00pm I imagine another brief will be handed to us as well as being told to follow up on our CP3 critical analysis writing, which isn’t a bother as I’ve been researching the topic since they informed us of the project, thats the benefit to researching something you’re interested in, it doesn’t feel like research.



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